Private Sewing Workshop

If you would prefer to work one on one or would like to schedule a workshop outside of the given studio hours, you can book private workshops here. Workshops are 2,5 hours and can be catered towards your personal projects or if you're a complete beginner, a suitable project can be provided. Email directly to reserve a time. Unfortunately private workshops cannot be accommodated on weekends apart from large private groups.

All levels can be accommodated and sewing machines are provided.

* For the week of March 25, Rob Younkers is available for private workshops. Please see his schedule in the drop-down below! His schedule represents one-one instruction. If you would like to add additional students to the workshop, please purchase 1 x $100 - additional time/person - for each student added to your group.

Please see our FAQ page for general studio Q&A’s. By signing up for this workshop, you are agreeing to our Booking and Cancellation Policy.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Jennifer Raikes
Wonderful Workshop!

My 13 year old daughter and I greatly enjoyed - and learned so much - during our private lesson. We were able to address our specific questions and problem areas. We are both novices (me even more than my daughter - thanks to her having attended past Moving Thread classes) but we came away with a solid ability to go home and replicate the skills we learned. Looking forward to more classes in the future!

Private Lesson w/ Lissa

I had such a great experience sewing with Lissa! I had a project I wanted to complete – making a sweater - but I wasn’t sure if I would be capable. We got straight to work with my fabric and pattern; cutting, pinning and sewing. Lissa had every tool needed and gave me a refresh (I hadn’t used a machine in many years). I learned so much and Lissa let me handle as much as I felt comfortable with, and I watched her do the more advanced techniques. I would feel more comfortable trying the more advanced work next time! Lissa was very kind and patient throughout and the sweater turned out exactly as I hoped. I’m so proud to wear it knowing I had a hand in making it! If you have any interest in sewing, I would highly recommend working with Lissa no matter your level of experience!

Private lesson with Lissa Greatly Satisfying!

After many years I decided to go back to sewing. I had bought a sewing machine over 6 years ago but avoided using it. I was very out of practice and the instructions seemed so daunting. Lissa was extremely patient and guided me through the process. With her assistance I made a market bag and relearned to feel confident and competent with the machine. All the materials and tools were provided in the well equipped studio space.The experience was so pleasurable that I plan to take other classes at the studio. Making things is satisfying and creative. With Lissa's thoughtful direction I was able to be successful. I highly recommend the studio to anyone interested in learning to sew and express oneself through craft.

Private sessions with Rob

Hi, it was my first-ever experience at a sewing studio. I had a very specific project in mind that I wanted to work on, but since I had zero experience with sewing, I was looking for a professional who could assist me. I was fortunate to have Rob as my teacher, and we spent several workshops together developing my project from scratch (!) to its final look. I am incredibly thankful to Rob for the guidance and support he provided. Thanks to his attention to detail and expertise, I learned a lot and felt confident that the result would be the best possible outcome. I am thrilled with what we created together!

highly recommend Moving Thread

I'm a beginner sewer and I took a beginner course as well as a private lesson in order to work on a personal project. Both teachers I worked with were extremely professional and helpful. The studio is spacious, clean, and well-equipped. I felt welcomed and supported which was especially appreciated given my lack of experience. I highly recommend Moving Thread to anyone who is interested in learning to sew or to broaden their sewing skills.