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Hand Sewing, Mending and Embellishments with Michelle Kim

This class will show you various hand stitches that you can use for functional and decorative purposes.  Students will learn empowering techniques to sew on buttons and rhinestones, hem pants, mend and embroider garments.  Stitches taught in this class include running stitch, basting stitch, slip stitch, back stitch, flat catch, pick stitch, chain stitch, and blanket stitch.

The first half of the class will be for learning the stitch techniques.  The second half of the class is for students to work on their own hand sewing projects.  Students are encouraged to bring projects and existing garments or accessories to utilize the hand sewing techniques on, whether they want to hem garments, add sparkle to a neckline, sew on some missing buttons, mend a sweater, or add personalized embroidery.
Threads, needles, fabric swatches, buttons, and rhinestones will be provided.  Please feel free to bring sewing threads, heavy embroidery threads, yarns, trims, buttons, or rhinestones in your choice of colors/size/shape to customize your visionary project with!

Age 16 and up.

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