Alterations Workshop

Do you own items of clothing that you love, but never wear because every time you put them on they just don't look right? In this 4 hour workshop we will gather and brainstorm each other's garments and come up with solutions on how to alter them. You will then be given detailed instructions on how to implement those changes. Take this class multiple times and transform your wardrobe into something new.

This is also a space to learn mending techniques - bring in items of clothing that are worn and require repairs. Put some love into old garments and give them some extra life. (Recommended to bring 3-6 garments that need attention)

This is an unstructured workshop where the students’ garments and intended projects will dictate the flow of the class. 

Basic sewing skills required. Sewing machines and all equipment provided.

Please see our FAQ page for general studio Q&A’s. By signing up for this workshop, you are agreeing to our Booking and Cancellation Policy.

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Customer Reviews

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so worth it and I'm looking forward to the next one

I took the alterations workshop and it was surprisingly really relaxing and therapeutic. It's so nice to work on things alongside a group of friendly people all working on their own separate projects. Lissa was very patient and helpful, offering tips and assistance for everyone's separate and wide-ranging issues. I commuted across town and it was so worth it and I'm looking forward to the next one

Super helpful and educational

Great class. I learned how to do several alteration and mending techniques (all of which I feel confident to do on my own now) and came away from the class with three articles of clothing I can wear again! Lissa is not only a good teacher, she also has a good eye for fashion and fit so was able to make suggestions I wouldn't have thought of. I would recommend this class to any level sewist.

Supportive and empowering environment!

I just finished taking the alterations class, and had such a great time! The space is lovely, its great to have access to all the equipment in a clean, open, spacious environment, as opposed to my home clutter. Lissa is a fabulous teacher, she's patient, non-judgmental (critical for a class involving women, clothes, and potential body image issues), SO knowledgeable, and fun to be with! I achieved more than I expected, and enjoyed that I get to alter my own clothes to achieve what I want from them.

Ashlee Brooke Gonzales
Perfect class for the impatient, wannabe clothes designer

I love fashion. But executing the absolute perfect look requires the absolute perfect fit. Queue Lissa and her amazing patience and craftsmanship to teach someone like me (accident-prone, 2 left hands) how to not only sew in ONE class (intro to sewing), but also how to take my pieces to the next level with this alterations class. I brought in 3 pieces of beloved clothing items that were just collecting dust in my closet due to poor fit or one other issue that was just a little off. Two jumpsuits and a pair of bongo pants… after alterations class I was able to get feedback and guidance to turn 2 of my pieces into items I now NEVER take off and finally deem my third item donation-ready (I really needed this confirmed by a professional lol!)
Now I’m looking at my closet in a whole new light. I cannot wait to return to this class and to finally be ready to get my own machine. THANK YOU LISSA!! Best instructor ever <3

I'm learning to tailor my own garments

I just completed an alteration workshop!
Lissa's clear and patient teaching style bolstered my confidence to tackle my items of clothing. I often tried on and pinched here and there, envisioning how I would prefer the fit. The class made that possible... I left with 2 tailored garments by me!!!