NEW WORKSHOP: The Summer Top with Rose Ponizil

13347 W. Washington Blvd 90066

Open Studio

This is your chance to use our studio independently. Bring in your projects, use our studio space (pattern tables, sewing machines, tools, mannequins etc) and bring your projects to life. 
A sewing instructor will be on site and available for questions and general assistance.

Max 6 students per 5 hour block. Come and go as you please during the window your reserve. Masks optional.

Our studio includes:

  • 3 x large pattern tables
  • 8 x domestic Singer sewing machines
  • 4 x domestic Brother sergers
  • Sewing tools such as scissors, pins, snippers, chalk wheels, tape measures etc
  • Pattern making tools such as rulers, pattern paper, mannequins etc

Please bring in all other fabrics and patterns required for your projects. Please note that this is for students with prior sewing experience. We are not teaching a lesson here but giving you a chance to work on whatever you choose, with the opportunity to ask questions a long the way.

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